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Changchun University of Science and Technology(CUST) is a university of science and technology founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1958. Wang Daheng, the famous optical expert, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Science and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was the founder and the current honorary President. After 5 decades of development and construction, today CUST has become a multidisciplinary university in science, engineering, arts, economy, management and law with photoelectric as its distinctive characteristics and with the integration of optics, mechanics, electronics, computer and material science as its superiority.

CUST is located by the scenic South Lake in Changchun, in the Changchun High Technology Industrial Development Area. There are east campus, west campus and south campus in the university. The tranquil campus covers an area of 769,000square meters with a floor area of 647,000 square meters. Now CUST has a total enrollment of around 24000 students. The total number of the faculty staff is 1955 with 1131 full-time teachers.

CUST has School of Science, School of Photoelectric Engineering, School of Mechatronical Engineering, School of Electronics and Information Engineering, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Material and Chemical Industry, School of Life Science, School of Economy and Management, School of Foreign Language, School of Literature and Law as well as Teaching and Researching Department of “Two Curriculums”, Department of Military Training, Applied Technology College, Adult Education College, International Exchange College; one State Key Lab of High Power Semi-conductor Laser, one Education Ministry Key Lab, Scientific and Technological Development Center, Nano Technology Research Center and other research institutes, and the service units such as Training Factory, Library, Archives and Modern Education Technology Center and so on.

CUST is among the first group in China to award Science and Industrial Bachelor and Master Degree, and the sixth group to award Doctoral Degree. Now the university has a State Level Key Subject and a post-doctoral research station ----Optical Engineering, 25 PhD programs, 83 graduate programs, 56 undergraduate specialties, 1 national key discipline,15 provincial or ministerial key disciplines, covering science, engineering, arts, economy, management and law.

The international co-operation has expanded increasingly. The university has successively sent over 300 teachers to about 20 countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Germany and Russia to pursue their academic degrees, to do research work or to participate international academic conference. More than 30 foreign teachers teach in the university and more than 100 foreign students study in the university each year. We have established friendly co-operation relationship with over 70 universities in Russia, Korea, Japan, United States, Norway, Ukraine, England, Sweden, Germany, Singapore and so on.




Welcome to SCFG-2015
 The 8th Symposium on China Functional Glasses and International Forum on New Photoelectric Materials (SCFG-2015), with the theme of laser/optics glasses, nonlinear optics/infrared/ holvi/nucleated glasses, special glass/micro-nano fibre, interaction between the laser and crystalline/amorphous solid materials, sol-gal optical functional materials, functional thin-film materials, industrialization of special glasses in China, will be held on September 8-11, 2015 in Changchun, China. For your outstanding achievements and experience in the field of functional glasses, on behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially hope you can be present at the SCFG&IFNPM-8. We believe your participation will definitely make a great contribution to this event.


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